What Is Korean Lip Powder And How To Use It?

Korea is well known for their beauty products.

This is one of the many Korean beauty trends which has been slowly
making its way to the outside world. This time we are taking a look at this new kind of lipstick product.

What is lip powder? It is simply a lipstick in a powder form. Once the powder reaches your lips, it starts reacting to your body temperature and the moisture on your lips. This process makes the powder to melt and it becomes creamy. It sinks into your lips while creating a rich stain. It has also great moisturizing properties.

How to use lip powder? It is applied just the same way as your regular liquid lipstick: on a doe foot wand applicator.

Simply start swiping the applicator on the inner portition of your lips going outwards. You need to start from the inner side since it is more damp, which helps the magic powder to melt. The product doesn’t melt that well on dry lips which makes applying it on the outer parts of the lips bit tricky. All it needs to perfect the applying process is a bit of practise.

After drying, you can leave your new lips matte and bare or top it with a lip gloss.

Keep in mind some people say lip powder needs quite frequent re-application. Though this seem to depend a lot of the person and the type of their lips. For some people, the outcome lasts very long, and for some it doesn’t. You can’t really know before trying it out. Atleast it should be awesome for those sexy selfies even if it wouldn’t last that long!

If you are eager to try out the lip powder, we recommend you to try this Korean brand named “RiRe”.

RiRe is well known brand in Korea and it actually is the most affordable lip powder available at the moment. It comes in four different shades to choose from: orange pop, hot plum, fashion red and sugar rose.

You can buy Rire Lip powder here

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