Voice feminization surgery

Many transgender women are having trouble blending in with their masculine voices. They spend loads of time learning how to speak the feminine way, and that is a really hard task to focus their mind always into producing feminine sound. For most of the transgender people who have not gone through surgery, it is hard to speak out loud, it reveals the masculine sound no matter how hard they try to hide it. So normally they need to keep talking pretty quietly not to reveal themselves.

Traditional voice surgery is pretty risky business, there is many horror stories all over the internet how transgender patients lost their ability to speak, how they turned into a complete falsetto or just the stories of enormous pain when speaking after the surgery. Its a big deal for transgenders, the transformation is not complete if you sound like a man.

Yeson voice center is Korean clinic mastered into voice tweaking, especially for the transgender people. They have over 80% satisfaction rate. The 20% mainly felt like they did not have enough change. However, there is still not even 1 reported case of failed surgery when it comes to the statistic of Yeson clinic.

The problem with voice feminization surgeries used to be their risky nature. Damages on the neck, getting not so feminine output or losing your voice completely were common problems. Traditional operations requires surgically cutting muscles with a knife. So for sure it is very risky.

Yeson has developed new kind of procedure which minimizes the risks. There is no cutting involved. Basically surgeon ties the vocal band with a string to shorten its length. It is currently the safest and most effective voice feminization technique available. On Average the operation can change patients voice frequency by 75Hz.

For sure the procedure is priced really hefty but keeping in mind the high quality and the safety is a top class, the price does not seem so high anymore. Plus we could not find any reported cases of failed Yeson voice feminization surgery.

Currently this technique can be done only in Korea, there is just one surgeon who is skilled enough to do it. And he is arguably the best one when it comes to tweaking transgender voices.

Especially Thai transgenders are flying down to Korea to Yeson clinic. Tho we are sure most of the transgenders are somehow aware of this clinic and technique, it is really widely known. If they are ever going to search about how to fix their voices, they are going to bump into this clinic for sure.

Yeson voice center clinic is most widely known from the voice feminization surgery, but it is also specialized in various vocal ailments of patients who need to use their voices professionally, such as singers and actors.

And of course, this procedure is not only for transgender people, it can be done to all females who want to make their voice more feminine.

Yeson has a procedure for males too who wish to have deeper notes, tho the procedures are not anything special like their voice feminization technique.

There is pretty much only two ways to make male voice deeper, first is done by injecting Botox into the vocal fold muscle which should increase the tone. However this does not produce permanent results and the Botox injections are needed every 3-6months.

The second option is to insert instrument into the vocal fold muscle using percutaneous injection laryngoplasty. These methods can make the frequency do down by 70Hz.

For those who are thoughtful about the language barrier, Yeson has four translators on hand to provide translation services in English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

Here is few video clips showing the transformation on transgenders.


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