Uee Shocking Netizens With Her New Photos

Uee (Kim Yu-jin) has been a center of huge attention lately about her latest plastic surgery operation.

Actually Uee has admitted of having plastic surgery a few years ago, so the discussion around her is not about if she had it or not, instead netizens are just simply shocked of her new appearance.

Uee attended a press conference where mydaily was able to capture these new photos of Uee’s new face (see below)

And these viral photos have brought a lot of discussion within netizens all around the internet forums. You can see how her fans are quite shocked and disappointed on her new looks and many are blaming her of ruining her old unique look. Most of the people agree that she used to look so much better with her old face.

Looking at her face it seems that Uee has been through quite a lot of plastic surgery in total. and as sad as it is, she is slowly but steadily becoming one of those infamous Korean plastic surgery monsters.

Uee is a Korean singer and actress born April 9th in 1988. She is most well known of being member of the Korean girl group After School. She is also well recognized from her many acting performances in movies and dramas.




And for reference, here is photos of Uee before her latest dramatic plastic surgery:



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