Top 5 Korean Weird And Awesome Beauty Treats

Many girls out there are obsessed with Korean beauty products. No wonder, high quality labeled with affordable price tag is really appealing for many.

For sure market saturated with thousands and thousands of different product, there is always some weird products involved. Or atleast they might seem weird to those who are not familiar with them.

Some of these products here even serve for a great alternative for getting a plastic surgery. Lets have a look for 10 weird Korean beauty products we have picked up for you!


Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker

Basically it is a pen which has a sponge applicator in it. It contains powdered pigment in the cap and is available in both brown and black colors.

It is meant be used to avoid a “big face” – looks, which is obviously not a desired look in Korea. It is also great for those with M shaped hairlines and for people with thinning hair or broad forehead.

Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker by Holika Holika can be bought here




Natural Bubble Bird’s Dropping Foam Cleanser

Before you start going like “ewww” let us reveal that the enzyme from bird’s dropping used in this product is actually guanine. Guanine has been used for ages in cosmetic industry to brighten up the skin and to fight against excess melanin production in skin.

Natural Bubble Bird’s Dropping Foam Cleanser by Tony Moly can be bought here




Snail Wrinkle Care Night Mask

Mizon is among one of the best selling Korean brands available. According to them, the secret fighting against wrinkles lies in the snail slime. The high concentration of snail slime has significant protective and nourishing features.

Multi Function Formula Snail Wrinkle Care Sleeping Pack by Mizon can be bought here




Pig Collagen Mask

Sure!, we all know about the great benefits of the collagen, it makes your skin supple, prevents aging and fights against wrinkles. But how about a product where the collagen is extracted from pig skin, mixed with a bunch of moisturizers and then applied all over your face? The product has high concentration of pig collagen of 50%. And at 50,000mg of collagen peptide, it is currently one of the highest concentration of collagen product available!

Green Piggy Collagen Jella Pack by Elizavecca can be bought here



Snake Venom Sheet Mask

Korean sheet mask “wave” might be nothing new to some of us. But how about these snake venom sheet masks? The amino acids found in the venom are known to reduct wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals which controls the facial muscles. So basically this is just organic Botox, but a way more cheaper!

SYN-AKE Wrinkle Mask Pack by Secret Key can be bought here




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