The Reality of Yoona’s Plastic Surgery

Yoona before and after plastic surgery, allegedly.

Yoona is one of the most popular actresses, dancers, and singers of South Korea. She was born in the year 1990 and she made debut as a member of the girl’s group called the Girls Generation and after this, she won so many awards on the international and national level.

Yoona apart from her acting is a very soulful singer too and people just love her voice, and she has some extraordinary dancing skills which made her selection for the “Girls Generation” easier. Now, as we all know most of the celebrities have gone through plastic surgeries to enhance their beauty, same was said about Yoona too and many thought of it to be a rumor but still, there isn’t anything that can be said with complete surety.

Nose Job

People have been comparing her nose when she was 17 and the nose she has now but let’s face it. Celebrities get plastic surgery done only when they want a narrow nose with a sharp end but Yoona’s nose is still a bit rounded from the tip and it actually isn’t very different than before. The structure seems very natural and also, she was too small to get a nose job at the age of 17 so it’s probably a no.

Is plastic surgery really involved?

Jaw Reshaping and Eyelid Surgery

It’s the same thing as we told you about the nose job. Yoona has almost the same jaw structure as she had before and there isn’t anything much different about it. Also, her face still has a rounded chin which is a clear sign that she didn’t get the surgery done.

People also said that she got an eyelid surgery done but the fact is that she still has the same eyelids, the same eye bags and the same naturality of her eyes so this also seems to be another rumor.


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