Smile Lipt To Archive Permanent Smile

Korea is known to be setting up new beauty trends. One of the latest trends going over there is so called “smile lipt” -surgery, which is designed to give a permanent smile.

Lipt is derived from the words lips + lift = lipt. This technique is patented by Korean Aone Plastic Surgery Clinic. Many other clinics do similar lipt kind of operations but Aone is the most well known one and majority prefer to have their smile lipt surgery done there.

Basically the smile lipt operation is about cutting the corners of the mouth and re-stitching them to archive permanent smile even not actually smiling.

Mouth turned downwards gives off an impression of gloomy and melancholy. And in other hand, mouth turned upwards gives off an bright and smiley appearance and confident impression.

No doubt plastic surgeries are popular in Korea, but however operations around mouth area haven’t been that common before and it has been quite an unexplored area except for the lip botox injections and lip pigmentations. But those have never reached wide audiences in Korea anyway.

Price for the lipt surgery is roughly 2000usd.

We just cant stop imagining some situations where it is not actually allowed to have permanent smile on face. How about serious talk with friends or family. How its possible to archive neutral looks in that situation. How about funeral? Everyone else seems to be sad except that one beautiful girl smiling all the freaking time. There is definitely some big downsides for this surgery.

Many online forums have also spotted this new growing lipt trend and people have been making fun out of it, comparing the final results to the Joker character from the Batman movies. Some even called it as a cure for “chronic bitch face”.

Here is a video showing smile lipt before and after photos.

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