Smile Lipt Before And After Photos

At this episode of “before and after photos” we are featuring smile lipt before and after photos, the famous procedure which has been mocked by western netizens to create a joker-like permanent grin. The procedure is also known as a mouth corner lift.

If you are not familiar with smile lipt, be sure to read our detailed article of it right here to get a hold on of what we are dealing with.

Basically the surgery involves cutting the sides of the mouth and modifying them to create an illusion of a smiling face. And yes, the smile archived from a successful surgery is visible even one is not actually smiling.

For those who came here only to see the smile lipt before and after photos, your wait is over! Without bothering you with too much chitchat, here are the photos, enjoy!

smile-lipt 입꼬리성형수술전후사진 smile_lipt mouth-corner-lift smilelipt lipt lipt-smile lipt-smiling old-lipt 사면5.2로고 maxresdefault (1) lipts

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