Sistar’s Kim Dasom. Plastic Surgery Or Not?

Kim Dasom, better known as simply Dasom, is a Korean singer and actress. She is most widely known as a member of popular Korean girl group Sistar.

Dasom was born on May 6th, 1993 in Seoul, Korea.

Dasom has been in middle of plastic surgery speculations lately. So, how is it, did she have plastic surgery done on her or not? Once again we looked all the evidence available and made our conclusions.

Here is timeline photo made out of photos of Dasom to show out her old looks since the childhood following the years till her last days of school.



And here is few photos how Dasom looks like now:

dasom2 Da-Som-10

So, about the plastic surgery rumors: first what gathers out attention is the jaw. At first glance it really looks like Dasom have had her jaw shaved a bit. Taking a deeper look it seems like she just have been a bit chubby girl in her younger years. Even though there is lots of rumors of she having done jaw shaving, but it is still pretty obvious she just lost her weight and got slimmer face because of the weight loss which has nothing to do with the plastic surgery.

Another thing what gathers the attention is her nose. It really looks like her nose has gotten a bit more narrowed since the younger years. There is not too big change between the old and new nose but you can still see the difference. It seems pretty sure that she has gotten nose job.

Dasom probably have had double eyelid surgery too. Her eyes used to look quite narrow and later photos of her show her eyes are quite big and you can really see the double eyelid looks on her now.

However, double eyelid surgery is considered very normal and some even say it is a must plastic surgery for almost all celebrities.

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