Safety of plastic surgeries in Korea

The concerns about the safety of plastic surgeries in Korea are rising as the deaths are occuring more and more often. The horror stories in newspapers and tvs are making the people think twice if its wise idea going under the knife. While same time the big advertisements everywhere are encouraging people to do it for the positive results.

The number of surgeries in Korea is rising whole time. Clinics are getting more and more busy. The pressure on the surgeons are getting higher and higher. Some clinics even give the surgeons exact amount of time to perfom the surgeries. So basically they are sacrifying the patients safety and the quality of the results to perform as many operations in a day as possible.

The most common surgery in Korea which is most likely lead to death is the jawbone surgery.

Since many sensitive and essential structures such as vessels and nerves are located behind the jaw bones, its making the procedures really complicated. Even the top-tier jawbone specialists cant promise that there wont be any side effects following the surgery.

Patients blood pressure goes down while operating the jaw. When the patient wakes up and the blood pressure rises back to the normal levels, there might be some unexpected bleeding. The blood goes to their respiratory track which makes them to suffocate on their own blood.

The mucous membrane of nose will most likely gets swollen after the surgery which can make breathing really hard or impossibe. Its not helping that the upper and lower jaw are bound together, making the talking impossible.

Now the hot topic is if the clinics should have a mandatory rule to have emergency equipments in their facilities. Only 20% of the clinics offering plastic surgeries in Korea do have some kind of emergency equipments. As sad as it sounds but 80% of the clinics dont have any kind of equipment in case of sudden emergency. They totally rely on the paramedics and nearby hospitals. Its shocking news since in emergency cases, the minutes matter. Its clear that this area needs some regularions to ensure the patients safety.

Korean law says that any doctor with a medical license can do any kind of cosmetic surgery even without specializing in any exact field.

This law also needs some further adjusting to push the patients safety in a better way.

But still, one of the biggest conserns in this whole image is about clinics informing the patients about the dangers and side effects of the surgeries. It seems like the doctors and counselors are only pushing the patients under the surgeons knife. They need to regulate this also. They have to push the doctors to inform their patients about the dangers and side effects which might be facing them.

Hopefully near future will show us positive changes on these fields.

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