Reverse (undo) plastic surgery

At the end of last year, a new plastic surgery themed TV show aired in Korea. The idea of the show is to feature 4-5 people in every episode who have had more than 10 plastic surgery operations done earlier, and then get their surgeries undone and try get them to look the same as they did before the plastic surgery operations.

The show is called “Back to my face” and it has since got really positive ratings and media has been all over it.

All the contestants were encouraged going back to their original looks through a number of therapy sessions. One of those sessions included getting feedback from strangers about their pre-surgery photos, which were taken before any plastic surgeries were performed to them.

After their sessions the contestants are pushed to decide if they want to have reconstructive surgery to mimic their original natural looks or to keep their surgically enhanced appearance.

Back to my face clearly has a message what it wants to spread all over the Korea – be happy with natural yourself.

When shows like this start coming out from television, does it mean that Korean people are starting to regret their looks? We don’t know, we really don’t know, the time will show that for sure. We are excited to see if this is going to be the new beauty trend for all the Koreans who has once gone under the knife and we are waiting for the news when they start opening up clinics dedicated only for reverse plastic surgery. Tho we highly doubt that would be the case, atleast those who have had successful surgery are most likely never going back to their original natural appearance.

Here is a one “back to my face” full episode we were able to find online. It is in Korean and no subtitles available so if you wish to jump straight into the final results, they can be found starting at point 18:45

For us the reversed appearance still looked very “surgical” but well, what can you do. If you once go under the knife it is close to impossible to get the original look back.

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