Popular Korean TV show “Let Me In”- Episode With English Subtitles

Very popular Korean TV show, “let me in” has been showing in Korea for a few years now. First episode premiered on December 2011 and since that it has attracted a lots of interested viewers.

There has been many episodes of the series available on youtube but unfortunately for people not able to understand Korean language, it has not been so interesting to watch those.

We managed to find one full episode of let me in with English subtitles. It’s really interesting watch and definitely worth checking out.

The basic idea of Let Me In is simple, each of the episodes feature woman or man with physical defects getting a complete makeover to be transformed into a new beautiful looks. Far from a typical makeover TV shows where people are offered makeup techniques and styling tips, let me in goes a step further. The makeovers are done by professional plastic surgeons.

One of the most notable doctors in the show is Dr. Park from ID Plastic Surgery Hospital. He is really famous in the plastic surgery industry and is maybe best known for coining the term “V-line surgery”.

The show has got lots of negative feedback for “subliminal advertising”. We can see why, the show is basically a really good advertisement for the surgeons and clinics reaching huge audiences. Even though the negative feedback, the show has already aired 5 seasons and it is still highly popular. Looking for a before and after photos from Let Me In -show? Take a look at these mind-blowing transformations!

Here is the episode with English subtitles, featuring a young man who had his self confidence down on the ground because of his man boobs, which he got after his big weight loss. After removing his saggy man boobs, exercising and a bunch of facial enhancements, the young man looks really amazing.

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