Who has had Plastic Surgery in Twice Band?

twice plastic surgery

In Korea, a plastic surgery is just as normal as medication for a fever might be normal for us. Looks and appearance count a lot and if you have to go for a plastic surgery to enhance it all the more…then well, in Korea, you can simply head out and get a plastic surgery. Easy as that! Twice is a really famous Korean band and let’s admit the fact that these girls are rather too pretty to be Korean. The fact that they are Korean makes you flinch a bit in doubt and all the admiration they gather is justified. However, the criticizers sit back too and enjoy the view but just so that they don’t show it; they will name it as a plastic surgery. But do you think that these girls have been through one? Through all the immense research I did, here is what information I gathered about Twice plastic surgery rumors and what really is the truth behind it.

To begin with, Jihyo is the leading vocalist of the band Twice. She is 19 years old and her natural beauty is pure and eye catching. There have been no rumors and no confirmation to the little rumors that went viral about her and plastic surgery. Jihyo is naturally pretty and has an amazing voice to hold the attention of her admirers.

Nayeon is next on the list! She was a model before she joined Twice. However, there are a lot of rumors about Nayeon and her nose plastic surgery. It is said that she went through a nose job before she began her career. The comparison done between her images clearly shows that this young lady has been through an evident nose job. It was tempered before she made her debut. As plastic surgery is too common in Korea, this might not be a big deal for their audience. I mean it is just a nose surgery, not an overall one.

Jungyeon is not just a singer for the band but she is also a rapper for them. She was also chosen from the show SIXTEEN to serve as a member for Twice. Jungyeon has not gone under any sort of plastic surgery till yet and she has no rumors regarding it too. Momo comes next as she not just a singer or rapper but also a dancer for the Twice. She has been in the videos of Miss A and GOT7. Momo has not rumors of plastic surgery till yet. However, a lot of comparison has been done on her new and old images but no difference is yet found that claims that she has gone through some surgery. She is young and beautiful and definitely does not need one too.

Sana is another member of Twice and she is also found free from any traces of a plastic surgery. She has also been through a lot of photo comparisons but nothing has been proved. She has no media coverage or rumors about it either. Mina is next up and is the lead dancer of the band Twice. This beauty is also reported to be free of any plastic surgery traces. No proof is adequate that might show that she has been through one. Dahyun is the lead rapper of Twice and she sings sometimes too. She is a charming lady and has been free of any plastic surgery rumors! Her appearance is all natural and pure.

Chaeyoung is the sub vocalist and main rapper of Twice. She has also appeared in several music videos. This fresh beauty of 17 years old is free from any traces of plastic surgery and looks amazing and highly admirable, just the way she is! Tzuyu is the last to mention and she is the youngest girl in the band. She has been a part of music videos too. She has no rumors or media reportage about plastic surgery and having turned 17 recently, this lady is way too premature for this sort of act. She is pretty just the way she is and carries herself amazingly too.

Well, that is it! Only Nayeon has had a nose job in Twice and no one else has ever undergone any minor or major plastic surgery!

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