Plastic Surgery Or Not? Suga, Bangtan Boys

It’s Bangtan Boys time again! Last time we dig through photos of Jimin and made our conclusions if he had plastic surgery done or not.

As said, we keep the Bangtan Boys as our hot topic until we have reviewed all of the members of the group.

Today, it’s time to check out Min Yoongi or “Suga” as most people know him. Suga was born on March 9, 1993, which makes him the oldest member of Bangtan Boys.

Let’s get to the photos. We found some photos from Suga’s youth and we took a deep look into those photos.You doesn’t need to be plastic surgery expert to see that it’s quite obvious there is not any major plastic surgery operations done on him. No jaw shaving, nose job or anything like that. Even checking his eyes shows no signs of the basic double eyelid surgery. Suga seems to be really natural.

While we were looking for photos of Suga, we also came up with this pre-debut video where you can see Suga performing. He was just 17-years old on this video.


suga3 suga2 suga1




suga6 suga5 suga4

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