Plastic Surgery Or Not? Rap Monster, Bangtan Boys

Kim Nam-joon, better known as Rap Monster, is the leader and main rapper of the Korean boy band called Bangtan Boys.

Rap Monster was born september 12, 1994 in Ilsan, South Korea.

Prior to his debut with Bangtan Boys, Rap Monster was an underground rapper with a stage name “Runda Randa” He was, and still is, a member of underground hiphop group named Daenamhyup. Daenamhyup has been active since 2009. 4years before Bangtan Boys made their debut.

Rap Monster was the first member to join Bangtan Boys. He made his debut as a BTS member on June 2013 with the song “No More Dream” He has also produced and written lyrics for some of Bangtan Boys’ tracks.

In 2015 Rap Monster released his first solo mixtape which is named “RM”. It was later ranked 48th on Spin’s “50 Best Hiphop Albums of 2015”

The main question is if Rap Monster have had plastic surgery done. We hear a lot of rumors about his nose job so we decided to take a closer look.

At a first glance it might seem like he have had nose job. But in our opinion that is just a false thought. His nose looks pretty much the same now and then, when you have good old and new photos to compare. Rap Monster is still young and his facial features keep changing up to till mid 30’s. There is absolutely not any big changes in his nose and we are pretty sure there is no nose job involved.

About rest of his body, it all looks natural also. He still has monolid eyelids which most likely means he haven’t had any double eyelid surgery done. This also hints that Rap Monster would be totally natural since double eyelid surgery is normally the first and most basic procedure celebrities get involved with.

All the other facial features have as well remained the same so there is definitely not any jaw shaving or any other big plastic surgery procedure done which involves bone shaving.

For us, it looks like Rap Monster is totally natural. Check out the before and after photos below and drop us a comment and tell what’s your thoughts.




rapmonster3 rapmonster2 rapmonster




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