Plastic surgeries for westernized looks. Or not?

The most common belief says that Koreans, and well pretty much whole Asian race wants to look like western people. Is this really the truth? This is the main reason why all of the Koreans are getting so many plastic surgeries done for themselves? This is the reason for how they do their make up?

Well, looking back ages and ages ago, white skin, big eye-catching nose and eyes have always been seen as an attractive feature in a female body. This has been the thing a long before Koreans have even seen or heard about western people. For the Korean people, the ideal beauty standards have been always the same.

Having a white skin used to be desired even among the white people. The reason for that was the people who had tan skin, were normally having a lower class jobs where they needed to work outside and they did get tan that way. So, the higher class white people did not want to have same features as the lower class people did have.

The same goes in Korea too. People do not want to resemble like if their origins were from countryside or from some South East Asian country. White skin simply means wealthy.

Tho,from those years, the things have flipped over. Rich western people started traveling to a hot countries and got their skins tan there. Having a tan skin became to equaling being wealthy.


Photo Credit: rinoninha

From my point of view. Koreans do not get plastic surgeries to get themselves look like western people. They go under the knife to look like more beautiful versions of themselves. That makes a lot of sense, right? Some results might be a bit extreme but the results are still gorgeous Asian looks. Koreans have a lot of pride in their culture. They definitely do not want to copy others.

Some Korean naturally have those so called ”western features” As an example, around 25% of Koreans are born with double eyelid. But the question really is ”what is Asian face?” or “what is western face?” There is way too much natural variation on this.

Actually if you would ask any Korean girl for her opinion about most of the westerners. I’m pretty sure their answers would shock many of us (in case they would not be lying) Most of Koreans don’t see western people beautiful. Even the skin might be white but in many cases it is bad quality, bad hair, ugly clothes, no good sense of style at all. The features on western people are eyecatching but attached to a not so nice body.

Lets flip this whole case upside down to have a good bottom line. If a western woman wants to shake few extra pounds off her body, get her skin tan, dye her hair black and use fake contact lens to make her eyes appear dark. Does that mean she wants to look like Asian?

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