Park Han Byul Admits Having Plastic Surgery

On June 12th, TV-show “law of the jungle” was aired on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) featuring actress Park Han Byul and Kangnam.

Park Han Byul and Kangnam were seen preparing the fish for dinner. During the preparation Kangnam asked Park Han Byul if she had been acting in a lot of horror movies. Park Han Byul answered Kangnam “i have done many horror films and I’m really good at acting the ghost’s role” while she demonstrated her ghost acting skills.

Kangnam’s response came bit out of emptiness “it is like your eyes are changed, is there any chance you have had plastic surgery done on you?”

“You are right, I have had plastic surgery done on my eyes” Park Han Byul admitted. Her honesty about the plastic surgery made her laugh out loud a lot.

These days it is slowly starting to seem like Korean female stars are becoming more and more open to the idea of admitting having plastic surgery done on themselves.

Park Han Byul is Korean actress and model born in November 17th, 1984 in Seoul, Korea.

Right after her debut, she was known as “Little Jeon Ji Hyun” due to her similar features with the sassy Jeon Ji Hyun.


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