Park Bom Before And After Plastic Surgery

In the case of Park Bom, its not about “did she have plastic surgery?” its more like “is she ever going to stop getting under the knife?” She is among the one of most well known Korean celebrities who have gotten plastic surgery. After seeing Park Bom before and after photos, it becomes really clear she have gotten plastic surgery for sure.

At first Park Bom had just double eyelid surgery and nose job done. It was all good in that point, not many people were criticizing her at that point. Since its widely known fact that most of the Korean celebrities, especially the K-pop stars have gotten some cosmetic enhancements.

The problems came out when she started fixing her nose again, getting lip injections and the worst: breast implants.

Park Bom’s lips look way too full and thick these days, its clearly been overdone. Also the chin implant she took made her face look really unnatural.

The worst move was the breast implants. That made especially her fans go really mad. Most of people agree that her breast implants are way too big to fit in her body, it simply doesn’t match with the rest of her body, making the whole outcome look unnatural.

Park Bom has made especially her fans really upset with all of her plastic surgery procedures. There is loads of discussion and comparing of the before and after photos going on, how she looked really beautiful before all these unnecessary plastic surgery operations.

We are eager here waiting if Park Bom will be going under the surgeons knife again or did she already put a stop to all of this. Its clear she has atleast some minor addiction to enhance her looks, but only time will show if she gets some help for that or not.

Park Bom was born on March 24th, 1984 in Seoul. However later she moved to the United States where she learned English. She is best known as being a member of the popular girl group 2NE1

She has been active since 2005.

Here are the before and after photos:

Park-Bom-Boobs park-bom-surgery Park-Bom-2NE1-Plastic-Surgery-Nose-Job

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