Korean Baby Powder Makeup Trick

It is currently one of the hottest tips in Korean beauty scene right now. “Jamsu” is a new fast growing beauty trend from Korea. Jamsu roughly translates to “submerging” or “diving” What it does? Jamsu helps to mattify your makeup and gives a flawless, melt-proof, smooth and airbrushed finish. And there is even more good… Read More

8 Korean Actors Without Plastic Surgery

As most of us know, the plastic surgery is something really common for the Korean people. Especially for the Korean celebrities. And even more specifically: for the celebrities in entertainment industry. It’s well known there are many Korean celebrities who have had the plastic surgery done. Some are very obvious and easy to spot while… Read More

Top 3 Korean BB Creams

BB Cream (Beauty Balm) has become one of the most popular trends within the beauty scene in the last few decades. BB cream was first developed by German dermatologists. Soon after that, this famous formula became famous in South Korea. Koreans started to improve BB creams. And well, now Korean BB creams are very well… Read More

Plastic Surgery Rumors: Jimin, Bangtan Boys

Park Jimin, or simply just “Jimin”, is the vocalist and main dancer of Korean boy band named Bangtan Boys, or shortly “BTS”, as how all the fans know the group better. He was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan, South Korea. Jimin is 5′ 7″ (175 cm) tall and his weight is132 lbs (60… Read More

Korean Short Horror Film – Human Form

“Feeling isolated in a world where everyone wears the same surgically-altered appearance, a young girl takes extreme measures to change her own.” We found this pretty awesome Korean short horror film. Such a great movie with a deep meaning. Its delivering a really strong message. Without spoiling too much out of it – be sure… Read More

Uee Shocking Netizens With Her New Photos

Uee (Kim Yu-jin) has been a center of huge attention lately about her latest plastic surgery operation. Actually Uee has admitted of having plastic surgery a few years ago, so the discussion around her is not about if she had it or not, instead netizens are just simply shocked of her new appearance. Uee attended… Read More

Why Do Koreans Get The Plastic Surgery? (Video)

So, this is the question we have been hearing a lot about lately. “Why do Koreans get the plastic surgery” Actually a Youtuber called “Asian Boss” has made a video to answer this question, interviewing quite a few Korean girls in the streets of Seoul. Sadly they didn’t include any Korean men on this interview. That… Read More

After School’s Nana Before And After Photos

  Im Jin-ah. Or just simply Nana as most people recognize her better with this name. She is a Korean singer, actress and also a model. She is best known for being a member of girl group After School and its sub-group called Orange Caramel. Nana was born on September 14th , 1991. Im Jin-ah… Read More

Sistar’s Kim Dasom. Plastic Surgery Or Not?

Kim Dasom, better known as simply Dasom, is a Korean singer and actress. She is most widely known as a member of popular Korean girl group Sistar. Dasom was born on May 6th, 1993 in Seoul, Korea. Dasom has been in middle of plastic surgery speculations lately. So, how is it, did she have plastic… Read More

Did Sistar’s Bora Have Plastic Surgery?

  Yoon Bo-ra who is better known just simply as Bora, is Korean singer most well known as a member of Korean girl group sistar and the sub group sistar19. She was born in January 30th, 1990 in Seoul, Korea. Earlier Bora has been asked if she have had plastic surgery. What was her answer… Read More