Miss Korea Contestants Were Stunning Natural Beauties Back In The 70’s

We found these stunning old photos of 70’s and 80’s Miss Korea contestants. What an pleasure for the eyes! Who doesn’t like Korean beauties!?

Looking at these photos makes us bit sad how modern beauty contestants are programmed towards finding a certain type of beauty standard instead of trying to be unique. This do not happen only in Korea but pretty much all over the planet.

In these 70’s photos you can find below, the Korean girls looked like real people with real human bodies and faces. A true Korean beauties. Sad but true, these days the beauty contestants are resembling more and more of mass produced wax dolls.

The first official Miss Korea beauty contest was held in 1957. It was sponsored by Hankook Ilbo – newspaper. The current title holder is Kim Seo-yeon who won the title in 2014.

Theres always debates going on if the contestants had plastic surgery done. Especially during the 2013 contest, a photo montage of all 20 contestant was posted online showing how similar all the beauty contestants looked like, and people were also claiming how they all had gone through plastic surgery procedures. Later the truth came out and the accuses were stated false. The photos had gone through some heavy photoshop editing and that was the reason why they looked all the same. But the reality was a whole different story.

However, lets get to the point and check out these classic Korean beauties from Miss Korea contest long before the time of photoshop and plastic surgery.

yeong sun-hee_park1982MK sang_myeong_gim1979TP MKC1 jihve insuk hwa changhwa An-na_baeng1975TP

Photo source: photo.korea.kr

EDIT: we actually found a full gallery of all Miss Korean winners and some of the other contestants from 1953 to 2014. You can find the gallery here and enjoy the beauty thorough the years.

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