Aegyo Sal Surgery

Aegyo sal operation is a relatively new procedure designed to give an impression of “smiling eyes” and youthful fullness that occurs naturally in the skin right below the lower eyelashes. It is great especially for the female faces to boost the feminine looks.

This operation goes also with the name “love band surgery” or “youthlites”

The procedure is said to be very popular especially among Asian entertainers, just like the Korean double eyelid surgery is.

Some people do not know the difference between aegyo sal and eye bags. If the tissue under the eye is too big, then people automatically think it is eye bag. Even the eyebags are actually much lover than the aegyo sal.


And vice versa, if the tissue is too thin, aegyo sal are not obvious enough and do not give the impression of the “smiling eyes” Therefore it is important to create just the right sized aegyo-sal to have attractive looking eyes.

Aegyo-sal is mainly formed from the development of the muscle surrounding of the eye. When smiling, it will boost the effect and make the aegyo sal even more obvious. Logically, if the muscle tissue is not thick enough, then the aegyo sal will not appear, or appear only a very little bit.

There is possibility to create aegyo sal in few various ways. Injection being one and traditional surgery being another.

If one simply wants to have aegyo sal without going to surgery, then it is suggested to have injection of hyaluronic acid. Thats a very popular and fast method. On average it takes just 20minutes to get done. As a downside it is only a temporary solution and the injections are needed to be taken in regular basis to maintain the desired look.

Other method is a implant. Only small incision is done under the eye and then the desired and carefully shaped implant is inserted in. This is followed by stitching the incision. It takes just around 1 week to heal and get back to the natural look.

The ones having loose eyelids or eye bags should get the traditional muscle aesthetic surgery. Almost an inch wide incision is made in the edge of the lower eyelid. The muscle is lifted up and reshaped to look better before stitching it. Fat transplants are also commonly used if the patient got no big muscles to lift up. If there is loose skin or eye bag fat, those can be fixed at the same time.

Funny enough, many patients who naturally have really visible and full aegyo-sal, consider it as a flaw and want to have surgical thinning performed on them. Doing like that will most likely only make the patient look older and possibility of having eyelid stability problems in older ages. For those wanting to get rid of aegyo sal no matter what, the Botox injections are recommended for higher safety.

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