Lee Hyori Before And After Plastic Surgery

Lee Hyori is well known Korean singer and actress. She is also known as an active animal rights activist.

She was born May 10th, 1979 in Chungcheong province, Korea.

Lee Hyori is among one of the few Korean celebrities who have openly admitted having done plastic surgery on themselves.

She has never revealed everything what is done on her body but she has revealed on a Korean television show that she has undergone a nose job.

It is widely speculated that Lee Hyori has also had breast implants and double eyelid surgery done on her.

Her breasts are clearly bigger now than what they used to be. Her breast are not too big right now, the implants fit her overall looks really well.

And for double eyelids there is no doubts about that, as it is pretty easy to spot. Double eyelid surgery is still the most popular plastic surgery operation in Korea and it is done to almost everyone on entertainment business including Lee Hyori.

Check out the Lee Hyori before and after plastic surgery photos below:


Lee-Hyori-Plastic-Surgery (1)


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