Why Korean Skin Is So Beautiful?

People are always so fascinated about how Koreans have so high quality skin. Is it only just because Korean skin is better than others? Or has the famous Korean skincare something to do with this? We found out!

Studies between European and Asian women shows that it takes 10years longer for Asians to show up the wrinkles. Whats the secret that Asians are holding?

How is the Korean skincare different from the western skincare? Well at first, in America most of the beauty purchases are cosmetic products. If we look what is the most popular beauty purchase in Korea, its not actually cosmetics. Instead Korean women spend more money on skincare products (and they use especially Korean skincare products) than makeup. Korean women believe that the real beauty begins with the awesome skin, and well, as we all know, good skin needs less makeup.

Secondly, The good and healthy look what Koreans are holding, comes from good food. Asian women in general are enjoying better health, longer lifespan and nicer skin compared to the western women. Thanks to traditional and healthy Asian cuisine. And we really should not forget to mention water here. Most of the Korean women are always carrying a bottle of water in their bag and they rarely even drink anything else than water since all the soda etc. being really unhealthy and giving skin problems.

One of the other reasons is also that in Korea people do not use the mainstream products such as L’Oreal, Nivea, Lancome and such. The market for skincare in Korea is generally extremely competitive with huge selections. And with huge we really mean huge. There are tons and tons of different brands. Women are using not so mainstream products, they know how to compare products and get the best ones for best prices. Even though the Korean skincare products are really not the cheapest one but Korean women prefer the highest quality instead, not thinking too much about the price.

Heres few facts about Korean and Asian skin in general what you might find interesting:

Resistant to aging

Asians have thick dermis containing loads of collagen which means skin staying younger looking for longer time.

Scars easily

Since the thinner stratum corneum, its said that the skin gets scars easily.


The thin stratum corneum also makes the skin more sensitive than western skin. Harsh treatment might have really bad results.

-Loses moisture

Studies have shown that Asian skin loses moisture very easily. So they need to choose really good moisturizer or drink a loads of water. Better to combine both.

-Gets oily easily

They have much more sebaceous glands which makes the skin more oily. The humid weather might also have something to do with this.

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