Korean Short Horror Film – Human Form

“Feeling isolated in a world where everyone wears the same surgically-altered appearance, a young girl takes extreme measures to change her own.”

We found this pretty awesome Korean short horror film. Such a great movie with a deep meaning. Its delivering a really strong message.

Without spoiling too much out of it – be sure to watch it! (If you want explanation for the movie, we got it covered below the video)




——————————————————-SPOILER WARNING———————————————————————————





This movie is all about fitting in to a society. Wanting to be just like everyone else. And how dangerous it can really be.

2.06 when Inhyung Chung gives lollipop to her friend and she takes out her own lollipop to compare it with Inhyung Chung’s. This is a great metaphor of showing how she also wants to fit in as much as possible. Not only through her appearance, but through even with the smallest things too.

And what comes to the ending, we think that Inhyung Chung did not survive the plastic surgery. The clinic avoided being sued out by sending someone with the standardized Korean face back home to Inhyung Chung’s family. And what is really deep and sad about this: nobody in her family realize that the girl was not Inhyung Chung, but just another Korean girl with standardized face.





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