Korean Plastic Surgery Monsters


Within the last few years, the Korean word “sung-gui” has gone viral online and actually it have gained a huge popularity even outside the internet especially among the younger generation of Korean people.

It is derived from 2 words: sung-hyung (plastic surgery) and goe-mul (monster)

In English the meaning of sung-gui is a person who have had so much cosmetic enhancements that she (or he) looks unnatural and arouses repulsion. Basically the meaning of sung-gui in all the glory is “plastic surgery monster”

Sung-gui is always a very strong insult.

The plastic surgery monster term originates from Korean internet comic strip about women on the streets of Gangnam, everyone strutting with the similar faces.

For sure these days many girls in Korea are afraid of people accusing and calling them plastic surgery monsters, so people are logically not going through too many procedures to obtain the natural looks and avoid people criticizing them.

It is really hard to find photos of botched Korean plastic surgery or even just of those “plastic monster” people. Most of the Korean cosmetic enhancement photos we see online are the shocking transformation ones which are so amazing it is almost hard to believe they are true.

Below we have gathered a bunch of sung-gui photos for your enjoyment. Have fun!

At the end of the compilation we added a one photo of the famous Korean internet comic strip where the word sung-gui got its origins.



korean-plastic-monster 137569779778762botched-plasticsurgery


korean_plastic_look too_much_plastic_surgery plastics-face      korean_plasticmonstersps-monsterplastic-looking


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