Korean parents pushing their kids towards plastic surgeries

Beauty standards and pressure on the looks are extreme in Korea. Korean girls as young as seven years old are advised to get their nose fixed. Parents are pushing their kids, especially daughters into having plastic surgery.

Other girls might feel pressure to compete with their friends who have already gone through plastic surgery. Some of the girls are bullied at school because they do not look like “how Koreans should look like”. Girls life is not easy even when being a kid.

For young Korean school girls it surely is hard to accept their own natural looks when being constantly exposed to a beauty obsessed society which cherish the total opposite of natural looks – unnatural and surgically enhanced look.

Plastic surgery might be rewarding life decision for many, and if done at young age, the final results should look much more natural when the kids have grown up. They are so young that they have time to grow into their cosmetically enhanced body and the outcome should be nice.

But the real question is if this is right thing to do. Does the Korean kids grow up in good environment? Are the Korean kids able to do the decisions about their plastic surgery? Or are their parents qualified to make decisions for their kids.

Many Korean parents are having conversation about enhancing their kids appearance. If the parents are having girl, then this is really common topic for them. They want to change that unique face what they have given to her when she was born. The face what most likely resembles them.

We here at koreanplasticsurgeries.com feel totally cool with plastic surgeries if its done out of the own decision. If the parents are modifying their kids look like this, it is kinda questionable.

Some might say it is so horrible and not acceptable, but the ugly truth still is that especially the female kids might not be able to get a nice job in the future if they does not have small V-shaped face with big eyes.

It is just so horrible to imagine a young Korean girl with her parents trying to explain her “baby you are just too ugly to survive in this country”

We are really thoughtful if anyone in Korea is teaching the kids or even just if there is anyone in Korea who would be admiring the importance of inner beauty.

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