Korean Rhinoplasty

Nose, the center of the face will surely catch lots of attention.

Korean people are known to have kinda flat and small nose. It is really different from western one because Asians are known to have lower bridge, smaller tip and wider base. Generally Asian small nose is seen very cute simply because it really small which will promote the cute effect. Still some, especially Korean girls want to improve their small nose. Rhinoplasty is keeping its popularity in the top 3 list on the most common plastic surgeries done in Korea. But what is rhinoplasty all about?

Most of the Korean rhinoplasties are aiming to transform the small nose and give it more height and vertical projection of the bridge. The new look will make the nose to be much more noticeable and that is what Korean girls love. For many, rhinoplasty surgery also improves their breathing.

The easiest way to get rid of small Asian nose is called filler rhinoplasty. Its really simple and inexpensive form of rhinoplasty. Surgeon has dermal filler which is being injected to the patients small nose. Its not gonna do miracles but its really good for small improvement. Another positive side of this procedure is minimal healing time. This is also really fast method, it takes just around 10minutes.

2nd cheapest and easiest way to reshaping is so called traditional rhinoplasty. Surgeon does a slit in the nostril followed by a pre-cut implant which will be pushed into the nose. This is really affordable, but has it downsides too. Due to the synthetic material, its possible that the body is going to start rejecting the implant and it can start moving inside the nose. This method will take around 45minutes.

The hardest form of rhinoplasty, but the one with the best result is called composite rhinoplasty. Surgeon will take cartilage from patients ear which will used to reshape the tip of the nose. The cartilage is part of the body so its less likely to happen that the body starts to reject it. Professionals also say that this method makes the final result look much more natural than any of the other methods. As this method being the most tricky one out of these 3, it also takes most of the time. Estimated surgery time is around 1.5-2hours.

There is also few nose-lift methods for those who can not or do not want to afford to the surgery. The latest trend in this field is so called “nose secret”

Do not forget to check out the Korean rhinoplasty before and after photos

Like you can see in that photo compilation, just a small lift will give a huge improvement.

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