Korean movies about plastic surgery

Have you laid your eyes on Korean movies before? If not, you definitely should check out some of the legendary ones such as I saw the devil, memories of murder, the man from nowhere, chaser, a tale of two sisters, and of course we should not forget the legendary oldboy which really was a mindblowing movie experience.

We really love Korean movies, they are really different from Hollywood movies. The Korean movies always leave you with a lot of thoughts which will keep you busy thinking for hours, maybe even for days. Sometimes some movies lefts you with so many questions you need to search online for the explanations to get what the movie was really about. Thats why some of the movies are needed to watch twice to get the full image.

But there is the fact you need to know some Korean/Asian culture to get the most out of the Korean movies. There is loads of symbolism going on.

However, now we have gathered a list of the best Korean movies about plastic surgery. Definitely worth checking out. They are not listed in any specific order.

200 pounds beauty (Minyeoneun Goerowo)

Hanna is a large sized and kind hearted woman working as a ghost singer for tone dead K-pop star Ammy while dreaming to be a K-pop star one day by herself. She has a crush over her producer Han Sang-joon. Later she will overhear an upsetting chat between Sang-joon and Ammy who is clearly jealous, Hanna falls into depression.

She decides to have a mindblowing change to fix her life: she go on a diet and get plastic surgery all the way from head to toes to get the attention of Han Sang-joon and to become a K-pop star.

And of course, things are not so easy when Hanna needs adopt the fake identity to fool her boss and crush into letting her work for him again.

The movie is funny, heartfelt and the songs in it are also pretty catchy.

Time (Shi Gan)

Ji-woo and Seh-hee are young couple who have been in a relationship together for 2 years.

Seh-hee is really jealous type of girl and fearful that her partner will soon lose interest and dump her. She has her doubts that Ji-woo is bored seeing the same uninteresting herself all the time. Seh-lee decides to take action to her own hands, she will leave Ji-woo without any warning and getting plastic surgery done on her. With her new face she hopes to lure Ji-woo again. But she would do it under fake identity after she has healed from the plastic surgery. The real story begins when Ji-woo shows interest in the new and enhanced “Seh-hee” which will only trigger more self doubt and self hate. After all Ji-woo might love the new Seh-hee, but does it mean that he had forgotten and rejected the old one?

Shi gan is a compelling viewing experience, really unique movie which left us with lots of thoughts and mixed feelings.

Be sure to be patient when watching it, just like many other Korean movies, this one has slow start.

Cinderella (Sinderella)

First note: This is not an interpretation of a well known fairytale with a happy end, this movie has nothing in common with that.

Cinderella is a story about a teenage girl, Hyun-soo, typical 17-years old girl who is daughter of a successful female plastic surgeon Yoon-hee.

Hyun-soo is not obsessed with the plastic surgeries unlike most of her friends are. But Hyun-soo’s mother is a plastic surgeon so she will be happy to do a plastic surgery to her friends.

The trouble starts when her friends are mystically starting to die after the surgeries and Hyun-soo starts investigating the whole scene. It becomes apparent that her mother has a deep well hidden secret.

This movie might be a bit underrated since this is not a traditional kind of horror movie. Its still a great entertaining movie about plastic surgery. A bit creepy and beautiful at the same time.

Doctor (Dakteo)

Choi In-beom is a middle aged plastic surgeon married to the extremely beautiful Soon-jeong. Everything was perfect until one day he witnesses his wife having an affair with much younger man. He loses his mind and wants to destroy his wife, her lover and her whole family. All this while he is searching for the next beautiful girl to surgically enhance to replace Soon-jeong’s spot.

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