Korean men and plastic surgery

We all know how Korea is like a Mecca of the plastic surgeries. The way more less known fact is how plastic surgeries for local men are rapidly increasing. The common stereotype is how only Korean women go through these plastic surgeries. It strictly used to be a thing for women only but the estimates of Korean men gone under the knife are standing around 15% of the Korean male population and it is said that Korean men have done 50% increase in plastic surgery field relative to Korean women within last 5years.

Its clear many Korean men are thinking about having plastic surgery to boost their self confidence. This desire has created a new market for around 2,000 plastic surgeons. ”Men-only” clinics are becoming more and more popular. Its just the same as getting your haircut. Guys prefer barbershop which is designed for men haircuts over hair salon which is more like a thing for women.

Plastic surgeons have revealed that most of their male patients are having a strict request for as stealth operations as possible, just because they do not want other people to notice their change in appearance. This shows how the plastic surgeries are yet not so acceptable among Korean guys. Korean men are known to keep their desires for physical improvement pretty much as their private thoughts and its clear that men want to do the operations in silent mode.

Even the streets are full of photos advertising plastic surgeries, but all are about advertising it to women only. You are able to see huge billboards covered with female faces on them but pretty much none with males. It almost seems like the male plastic surgeries do not exist at all. They seem like a taboo and something what the guys are still a bit ashamed of. Only the statistics are showing this field is alive and going forward strong.

Since Korean male celebrities are going under the knife more and more often, especially the K-pop stars, it is slowly becoming more acceptable for normal guys to do it also. The power of media has a huge impact for sure. It will just need a more of time to get the breakthrough.

The research shows that around 60% of local guys are not satisfied with their own looks. So getting the reputation that operations for men are all good, will definitely boost the business.

For Korean men, the most common reasons to undergo the operations are increased competitiveness in job markets, since its well known that if there is two equally good candidates, the one who looks better will get the job. Other reasons are: to boost their confidence and of course, to look better in ladies eyes. 

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