Korean Liposuction

Korea is among one of the least obese countries in the world. Only 4% of the Koreans are obese. Though almost 30% are overweight and it seems to be steadily growing. While Korean people are gaining weight, it means more money for plastic surgery business.

Liposuctions in Korea are steadily sucking more and more people to the operation rooms.

Lipoplasty, liposuction, one of those numerous plastic surgery methods of body sculpting which involves the removal of unwanted fat from desired areas of body. Basically this can be done anywhere in the body where fat is involved.

Some fat deposits might get inherited and are not responding to exercising or dieting, in these cases liposuction is the only way to get rid of the excess fat. It is often performed on many areas at once. Sometimes liposuction is used to transfer fat from one place to another. Like in breast augmentation , its possible to have it done via fat transfer.

Actually many Korean girls decide to combine breast augmentation and liposuction. In many cases combining different plastic surgeries will save a lot of money compared to doing these operations solely.

Liposuction is not for weight reduction. The purpose of liposuction is to reshape the body towards more desired shape. Though its true that in cases where lots of fat will be removed, the patient will occur a weight loss. But like said this is not the main purpose.

Liposuction takes anything between 1 to 6 hours depending which areas will be affected.

There is numerous of different methods for liposuction. This is one of those plastic surgery procedures when each doctor has different taste and opinion which method they prefer to use. There is really not any best method for liposuction. Its more like surgeons experience and skill is what matters the most.


Cannula is pushed into the fat deposits and with a help of powerful vacuum, will be sucked out. This is still one of the most popular techniques. Bad sides of this style is the amount of produced bruises.

Power assisted:

Same as traditional liposuction except the cannula is driven back and forth with a motor. This helps to break fat tissues with less effort.

Ultrasound assisted:

Heat and ultrasound are sent from the cannula to the fat tissues to liquefy it before the removal. This style is not really popular these days anymore since the burning and due to producing scars easily.

VASER assisted:

Pretty much same as ultrasound assisted but this is basically performed with a less power to avoid burning and scarring.

Laser assisted (laser lipolysis):

Laser will be used to melt fat in the cells. This style allows most gentle way to remove the fat via really small cannulas. Also it causes least damage to the muscle and nerve tissues.

Water pressure assisted:

This is newest and least known way to handle the operation. Pressurized water is used to break the fat tissue apart from the body. This loosen fat cell will then be removed.

Liposuction is one of those plastic surgery procedures where the really driven after care is needed. Dieting and exercising will keep the results nice long after the surgery. One who are not willing to do that will most likely to get the fat back at some point.

Best alternative for this plastic surgery is the prevention of getting any fat. Good diet and exercise is the key to success. But in some cases its not the deal and the liposuction is the only way to proceed on.

Be sure to check out before and after photos of Korean liposuction

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