Korean Eyebrow Lift


As people get older, lines and wrinkles naturally form on the forehead due to consistent muscle movement. Lines and wrinkles makes people to look older than they would like to look like.

These wide horizontal lines across the forehead, or smaller vertical lines between the eyebrows can make people to look angry, stressed or unapproachable.


Luckily, talented Korean plastic surgeons can help to archive a fresh, smooth and youthful appearance for those who are annoyed with their wrinkles and lines covering their face.

Eyebrow lift, or forehead lift is kind of surgery designed to eliminate the wrinkles and/or deep grooves on the forehead and re-positioning the eyebrow line to better position. This procedure will easily take years and years off the patients face no matter if you are Korean or any other descent.

Even though Asian people and especially Korean people tend to age really well, this procedure still remains quite popular in Korea. Like any other age group in Korea, elder Korean people also want to look great. In Korea its all about the looks.

Eyebrow lift is most popular among people of ages 40 to 60.

It is also possible to combine eyebrow lift with a face lift or double eyelid surgery in Korea. Combining the procedures will most likely give a little discount in price.


There are basically 2 methods to go through this surgery in Korea:

Traditional eyebrow lift:

Surgeon will make an incision across the forehead above the hairline to hide the incision line.

This allows the surgeon to get good access to the operation area, to release the muscles, remove extra skin and lift the brows to a higher position. This method is mostly for the people with high forehead and retreat in the hairline.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift:

Mostly 3 to 5 small incisions are made along the scalp. Endoscope is inserted through the incisions, which will allow the surgeon to see the treatment area on a monitor.

Using a special instrument, surgeon will remove all the extra skin and muscle tissue which are causing the lines on the forehead. Then the eyebrows are re-positioned to an ideal spot to finalize the new fresh and young look.

Just like in the traditional method, if the forehead is high, the hairline might be lowered to make the face look more balanced.

The final results in both methods can be seen after a few weeks.

Like any surgery, eyebrow lift does not come without any risks.

Risks included in eyebrow lift are: damage to the forehead nerves which makes moving forehead or eyebrows impossible. Lost sensation, which is usually temporarily. Hair loss in the scar margins and wider scar. Infection and bleeding.

Wondering how the Korean eyebrow lift looks like? Check out the before and after photos of Korean eyebrow lift

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