Korean Eye Widening Surgery

Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Canthoplasty are both better known simply as eye widening surgeries.

In more details, Epicanthopasty is a procedure which helps shape inner part of the eyes. It involves slicing the corners of the eyelids (also known as epicanthal folds) in order to make the eyes appear bigger.

This procedure can be quite challenging since the epicanthal folds are overlaying the tear drainage canals.

Lateral Canthoplasty helps shape outer corner part of the eyes. The main goal of Lateral Canthoplasty is to develop a softer look in eyes.

Both of these surgeries were originally performed in the Western world to repair eye dysfunctions. Later, Korean plastic surgeons have made it more of a basic plastic surgery operation even though they are still performed to repair eye dysfunction in Korea too. It requires very highly skilled surgeon to perform these surgeries to avoid complications.

Even though that plastic surgeons in Korea are masters of minimizing scars, eye widening surgery has a high risk of leaving visible scars which needs to be treated with Z-plasty, which improves the function and cosmetic appearance of scars.

Many people opt for eye widening surgery at the same time as double eyelid surgery. And it is really rare to see someone taking Canthoplasty surgeries alone in Korea, since these surgeries are designed to help and improve the results of double eyelid surgery.

Below you can see before and after photos of eye widening surgery.


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