Korean breast augmentation

Boob job is really individualized procedure. It enlarges small or saggy breasts. Tho its also good for those who just want to enlarge their current breast size, to recorrect asymmetrical or uneven boobs. If needed, the breast lift can be done same time as augmentation.

After few consultations, patient and doctor chooses the best implant size. Natural looking breasts are the thing in Korea and not many people want to enlarge their breasts really big sized. In most cases the Korean implant sizes varies between 125cc and 250cc.

The most common differency between Western and Korean procedure is the incision placement and implant size.

The operation itself normally takes around 2 or 3hours, and hospitalization is not needed.

Stitches are removed in 14days.

Depending on the patient and her requests on size, the incision will be done underarm, below the nipple or below the breasts. Since the relatively small implants, the most common spot for incision is underarm. If the implant is really small, then incision is made below the nipple. It has minumum scarring and healing time is really fast. For big implants, incision is made under the boob.

Most Koreans prefer silicone implants over saline ones. Silicone ones are more softer and durable.

Patients should be aware that 3-6months special breast massage is needed to make sure that the implants will sit well in the breasts.

Especially the “teardrop” ones are gaining loads of attention now. As the name say, they are shaped just like teardrops. These are the most natural looking implants introduced to human kind this far. They also have the most least chance of getting capsular contracture which means the implants getting harder within time. Also, no massage is required as an aftercare. Patients will get optimal results without it.

Here is the difference between teardrop implant (lower photo) and traditional round one (upper photo).

round-implant teardrop-implant

Until 2011 fat transfer boob jobs were prohibited in Korea but are now widely available and gaining more and more popularity.

This is definitely the key for the most natural looking plastic surgery boobs. Basically doctors will remove fat from patients tummy,legs, buttocks or wherever the patient may have some extra fat. Then it will be moved inside the breasts. This is the most expensive choice of all of these but like said before, it surely will get the most natural looking boobies.

But it all depends on the patient and their needs. Having a long consultation with doctor is the best choice to get the best results.

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