Korean Breast Augmentation Before And After Photos


Direct liquid silicone injections? Gel breast augmentation? Nah, those days are long gone in Korea. These days Korea is if not the best, at least one of the best countries in the world to get one’s chest size boosted.

Many ladies in Korea (and well, outside the Korea too) are not satisfied with size of their chest and are seeking for a help in a form of breast augmentation. It’s a great way to enlarge small or saggy breasts and to give self confidence a big boost. The before and after results are very noticeable and the implants these days are very natural looking since the introduction of teardrop implants.

Breast augmentation is a lot different than a facial plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery can change the way you are. But however breast implants can change the way you dress and behave.

Getting breast implants in Korea is still pretty common and there are lots of surgeons specialized in this kind of plastic surgeries. Korean breast augmentation surgeons are well known for their skills to minimize the scars and making the results as natural looking as it is possible to do. That’s why lately it has become really common for foreigners to fly over to Korea and get their chest sizes boosted there.

How about the before and after photos? For your convenience, we have gathered quite a big collection of Korean before and after breast implant photos below. Enjoy!

real breast surgery before and after_01
real breast surgery before and after_12

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