Korea improves plastic surgery regulations

Earlier this year we were talking about safety of plastic surgeries in Korea and our biggest concern was how only 20% of the clinics offering cosmetic surgery related services had emergency equipment in their facilities. That is a serious safety issue.

Or actually it is not anymore.

Clearly Korean health ministry has been worried about this too. Now they have set up new rule to improve the safety – all the clinics performing surgeries which are involving general anesthesia, must be fully equipped with emergency medical supplies including pulse oximeter and ventilator. Also all the clinics are required to have uninterrupted power supply to ensure electricity even during the power cuts.

This is extremely positive news and we are sure to see decreased number of deaths in plastic surgery field in Korea.

And well, this is not all. The Korean ministry of health has also done improvements by banning plastic surgery advertisements which do not properly inform the patients about all of the possible side effects. This rule includes the advertisements with the “before and after”- photos and the ones which feature celebrities as featured models.

We also love this kind of improvement. Now on the patients cant be mislead with the advertisements and they can be more aware of the nasty side effects. Even tho these kind of information will most likely to be printed with the small font but well, its still improvement towards better safety.

There has been some cases when patients are told their procedures will be performed by experienced surgeons, and after the patient have been put under the anesthesia, some inexperienced surgeon took the scalpel and performed the operations.

Now on this is not the problem anymore either, Korean ministry of health has stated new rule where clinics are required to display the name of the surgeon in charge of the procedures, in front of the operation room before and during the procedures.

Also, the clinics are encouraged to install surveillance cameras in the operating rooms to improve their patients safety. However this is not mandatory, but we guess that many clinics will hop in this train and have the surveillance cameras installed. After all, thats great marketing trick to get more customers.

The number of medical disputes of cosmetic enhancement operations have been increasing dramatically within the last few years. And authorities are hoping that these new rules will decrease the disputes, make the quality and the safety of the clinics much better. We have no doubts against that. Its great to see that the plastic surgery capital of the world is paying much attention to get the faults fixed. Way to go Korea.

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