Korea And China Launching Online Plastic Surgery Database

China and Korea have decided to set up an online lookup facility to help out Chinese medical tourists to choose reputable and trustworthy clinics. Till this day, the patients from China do have only a little to no information at all about the good clinics and surgeons operating in Seoul. The language barrier definitely is a big problem here.

The new soon to be released database will provide authentic and unbiased information about Korean plastic surgeons’ and clinics qualifications for Chinese tourists heading to Korea for plastic surgery.

Chinese plastic surgery tourism in Korea have been increasing fast for the last 5 years. Highly skilled surgeons combined with affordable price tags sure will lure loads of people from China to travel Korea to enhance their looks.

Lately the problem with Chinese medical tourists has been the unregulated plastic surgery agencies in China who are sending their clients to unqualified surgeons.

This have sparked a rise in number of complaints from Chinese patients. Botched procedures and unhappy customers are really common problems among patients from China these days.

Korean authorities have recognized the importance of protecting the Chinese patients since they are the ones bringing a loads of money into the Korea now and in the future. And the authorities definitely do not want the bad reviews among Chinese people to spread around.

The online platform database is the answer for this problem, and hopefully the Chinese people start using it, which would mean the unqualified surgeons and clinics will be gone sooner or later and only the quality ones will remain.

The new plastic surgery database platform is likely to be launched later this year, so patients will soon have access to the information which will help them to choose the good and reputable clinic in Korea.

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