K-pop effect on plastic surgeries in Korea

We are in this modern generation wherein almost everything can be considered as possible. There are many things that can be done without any hesitations. One great factor that makes almost all things possible is the advancement in technology together with human ingenuity. Through clever minds of humans and the help of advanced technology there will really be no wonder that things can be done without questions of how and why only easier and faster.

One of the most widely observed result of human cleverness and advancement in technology is the so called plastic surgery. Since there is of great improvement with the use of technology, plastic surgery can be cheaper, better, safer and more popular in the entire world. Plastic surgery is known to be a procedure to be done in order to correct or restore certain form as well as function. In today’s modern world, many are undergoing plastic surgery particularly in the country of Korea. And Korean people have their reasons why they are undergoing the said procedure. In Korea, it is undeniable that plastic surgery is reaching its peak of popularity and becoming very common to almost everyone.

The rise of plastic surgeries in Korea is being influenced because of the so called K-pop culture. It is believed that almost all women in the country of Korea are wanted to have the same look. And they are aiming for lighter skin, wider eyes having double eyelids, tinier nose and smaller face with chin in V-shaped. Many Koreans are into undergoing plastic surgery for the purpose of achieving those mentioned characteristics. It is also known that one in five women in Korea is into undergoing some type of the surgeries. There are almost so called basics in the surgeries such as eyelid surgery creating double lid and nose jobs that makes the nose longer and thinner. And there will be no denial that comparisons from other beauties and looks could be observed.

K-pop has great influence into many Koreans who are getting plastic surgery. Because of the Korean pop bands and idols many are want to achieve the desired look through plastic surgery. It is becoming more and more common and natural to almost everyone in Korea to talk about plastic surgery. Talking about where chin and nose are from is more normal than talking about their designer bags and other stuffs. And even high school girls in Korea are not afraid to undergo surgeries for they believe that if you do the surgeries earlier it will be more natural as you grow through the years. Even parents are into the encouraging their children to get the surgery in order not be left behind.

One of the most requested faces for plastic surgery in Korea is the model Kim Tae Hee. There is lots of rumors going on if Kim Tae Hee had the plastic surgery done or not. Because of K-pop culture, plastic surgeries arise and it almost changes every Korean individual with regards to their looks. And because of this, many plastic surgeons and businesses regarding plastic surgery are as well on their peak of progress as increasing numbers of patients are adding on their lists.

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