Korean Jaw Surgery

The most dangerous plastic surgery procedure: Jaw surgery. Takes months to recover, comes with a big risk of permanent damage. It’s still really popular procedure in Korea and each year around 5000 people go through the Korean jaw surgery. That means average 14 people going through it every day, just in Korea alone. But Why?

Well the simple reason is because Korean people are embracing slim face. So the procedure is a must for those who want more feminine so called “V-shape” face. Saying “less is more” goes very well with this facial bone reshaping operation.

The surgery is normally done for patients who are going through big under or overbite, purely for medical reasons. But in Korea it’s really popular for reshaping the facial bones just for cosmetic reasons, getting the desired V-shape face.

Korean jaw surgery is most extreme stage of plastic surgery. It changes patients looks really dramatically, since it’s changing the whole bone structure of the face. And like mentioned before, it is seriously dangerous form of plastic surgery. But if done correctly and one is lucky enough not to get any side effects, the new reshaped face can look astonishing.

It is kinda shocking that around 50% of the patients gone under jaw reshaping are later suffering from side effects, most likely the side effects will be sensory problems, as facial numbness being the most common one. The worst case scenario could be inability to chew or smile anymore. Or well, actually the worst case scenario would be dead. Lately the news have been reporting a lot about people who died under the knife especially when going through facial bone reshaping surgery.

About the safety of plastic surgeries in Korea, you can read more here

Fun fact: in 2014, a Korean plastic surgeon was fined for having 2 huge glass towers full of jaw bones collected from his patients. Something like 2000 pieces of jaw and facial bones in those 2 towers. Just wondering if it was some kind of a trophy for him or was it more like an advertisement. Whatsoever, the surgeon needed to remove those huge facial bone towers.

It’s actually possible to have non-surgical jaw reduction in Korea. Its performed either with Botox or Dysport, when Botox being most common. Its injected into the enlarged jaw muscles every 3 to 6 months. It’s going to relax the jaw muscles and reduce their activity. And the result is smaller jaw muscles. The effect will last for around 6month, so before the effect fading away, patients need to get a new injection.

This can only be done to the people who are suffering from enlarged jaw muscles, not from enlarged jawbone.

For people who came looking for a Korean jaw surgery before and after photos, can be found by clicking the link.

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