Nose Secret For Instant And Surgery-Free Nose Lift

We are sure there are loads of frustrated boys and girls out there who are not satisfied with their noses. Yes, Korean nose job is always an option but it’s not an option for those who are out of money or want to spend the cash to something more important, after all, we are talking about big investment here. And some people are afraid of all the side effects which may occur after having a nose job.

Luckily there is easy and non-surgical solution for those people wanting to improve their noses. The Korean invention called nose secret, handy little sticks you shove up your nostrils to give an impression of pointy and upturned nose.

Nose secret consists of two very simple plastic sticks. They can be bought in 5 different sizes. Nose secret is really fast and easy to use, the plastic sticks are simply inserted into nostrils. It also comes with a great instructions. The process itself shoving the sticks in nostrils should take less than a half minute.

The plastic sticks are not visible after inserted inside the nostril. Effects are not really groundbreaking as you might guess, but can clearly be seen. And whats the most important, it will boost the users self confidence. Even the small change in the looks is a big improvement for self confidence.

We recommend first timers to buy nose secret trial pack which contains 3 different sizes of nose secret sticks – XS, S, M for small ones. S, M, L for average ones. And M, L, XL for bigger noses.

The price is a bit hefty US$34.95 but in other hand you need to buy it just once and then you just

need to take good care of the sticks. Nose secret is made out of plastic so they will last a really long time. Just remember to wash them often.

There is also exact sizes available but one pair costs whopping US$24.95

So your best bet would be to ask if any of your friends would be interested buying them too, then order the starter pack with 3 different sizes, share the costs and wait the package to drop into your mailbox. Most likely both of you, you and your friend will find suitable size. Sharing is caring. This way one pair would cost you only US$17.5

Of course this is not a new invention. Nose lifters and reshapers have been on the market for ages. Most widely and well known is probably Rulav reshaper. The 3 size starter pack from Rulav just seems to be a bit more expensive than their Korean competitor. But if you already know your size then Rulav is your choice, it is identical and 1 pair costs only around US$7 on ebay. Thats a real bargain!

Here is a few photos to demonstrate the effects.

Nose-Secret-Korea-Before-and-After-Female1 Nose-Secret-Korea-Before-and-After-Female5

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