Hyuna Before And After Plastic Surgery

Hyuna looked a whole different person at the start of her career than what does she look like now. 4Minute, which is one of groups she is in, has said that none of their members had ever had plastic surgery, but this is a clear lie. Checking out the Hyuna before and after photos makes it clear she has at least had rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery. Who knows if more, there might be even some jaw contouring, but that is not for sure. However rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery is considered nothing special in Korea. Especially in the K-pop entertainment industry.

Kim Hyuna was born in June 6th 1992. She is the main rapper in the girl group “4Minute”, part of the duo “Trouble Maker” And she also has some solo career going on.

She first became famous from another girl group called Wonder Girls, but she left it in 2007.

From her solo career she is best known for her hits “change” and “bubble pop”

Hyuna has also appeared in the youtube hit “gangnam style” by Psy.

Psy and Hyuna also released a female version of gangnam style.

Hyuna has a tattoo on her left shoulder “My mother is the heart that keeps me alive” which is obviously dedicated to her mom.


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