How To Get Aegyo-Sal Naturally Without Surgery

Aegyo sal, (also known as youthlites or love bands) is now a very popular “eye bag” trend straight from Korea. It definitely should not be confused with sagging or dark purple eye bags which are caused by lack of sleep and/or aging. This trend is totally different thing:

Basically eye bags make you look really tired and they are considered unattractive pretty much all over the world. Aegyo sal however is located just half centimeter (0.2 inches) under the eyelash line. Eye bags are located way more lower and that’s what makes the difference between aegyo sal and eye bags. It’s easy to spot the difference between these two. Check out the image below to get it straight.


Aegyo sal refers very strictly to the puffiness of the lower eye socket and it definitely has to match with the color tone of the skin, not being purplish like eye bags are. Unlike eye bags, aegyo sal gives youthful look and makes the eyes look bigger and more “smiling”. Be sure to check out before and after photos to get an idea what kind of difference there is with and without aegyo sal.

So, the real questions is how to get aegyo sal naturally without an expensive surgery? Basically there is 2 non-surgical ways available to archive the look you are looking for. Well actually there is more but if we leave the option of going to a clinic and getting some fillers out of count, then there is just 2 options:

Aegyo sal tape

This tape is really similar to double eyelid tape, which is used to give an impression of having a double eyelid. But Instead of placing the tape on upper eyelid like double eyelid tape is placed, aegyo sal tape is placed under lower eyelid to archive the desired look. This tape can be bought from many stores selling Korean goods. Numerous online shops are selling it too. Just make sure to buy a good ones to avoid nasty eye infections.

We recommend this tape for nice results: D.U.P Wonder Eyelid Tape Extra – 120 pcs


Aegyo-sal make up

The other method is to learn how to make up your eyes the way which gives an impression of having bigger aegyo sal. We searched through Youtube and found this tutorial, which we think is really great for learning how the aegyo sal make up is done the right way. Check out the video below:

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