History of Korean plastic surgery in a nutshell

For many of us, all kind of cosmetic enhancement procedures in Korea are really fascinating. But whats the history behind? All media does is talking about the shocking results and how western world sees all the cosmetic enhancements really shocking. Lets take a small peek at the history.

Back in the 1945 Korea was blissfully unaware of any kind of plastic surgeries. There was none available and the doctors had no idea what the cosmetic operations even might have been.

After Korea got independent the borders opened and some Western missionary doctors slowly started entering Korea.

That made it possible for Korean doctors to gain access to the Western journals and to new medicines like penicillin. However the Western missionary doctors did not spread the word about cosmetic surgery. However there is are still many documents from that era stating how Western doctors were doing skin grafting on patients with disfigurements and such.

It was year 1950 when the Korean War broke out. Loads of doctors from United States and United Nations were mobilized to heal injured soldiers and civil victims. Few of the American doctors applied different kind of plastic surgery techniques on their patients. Though they were just concentrating doing their duty and they had no intentions to bring and develop plastic surgery in Korea.

It was mid 1950s when Korean doctors who had studied and learned advanced medical techniques abroad began flooding back to Korea and started teaching at colleges and universities.

In 1960s Dr. Jaeduck Yoo founded cosmetic surgery department at Yonsei University. He initiated plastic surgery as a special field of medicine and started training specialist to this special field for the first time in Korea. Even tho the plastic surgery was not officially accepted as a special field of medicine, he still kept the lectures and trainings going on.

When it finally became accepted as a special field of medicine in 1966, 30 doctors from different fields of medicine, established the Korean Society Of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (KSPRS).

These 30 doctors officially gave birth and set the path to Korean plastic surgery scene.

At first the members of KSPRS focused their energy spreading the basic knowlegde about plastic surgeries so the ordinary doctors and normal population would pay attention towards cosmetic surgeries. Late 1960s they were busy years with meetings and applying for international plastic surgery associations. Starting from 1975 KSPRS became responsible for training and certifying plastic surgeons in Korea.

Despite Korea having relatively short history in the plastic surgery field, they are really eager developing new techniques and being the best in the field. I think most of us can agree that all the best cosmetic surgeons come from Korea. They have grown fast close to the perfection.

We can only wait and see how the future will be, but at least the current era of plastic surgery scene in Korea will be written to the history books forever.

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