Having a baby with someone gone under the knife

Not a long time ago news were reporting about a Chinese man who divorced and sued his ex-wife for giving a birth to an ”ridiculously ugly baby”, as how he liked to describe the baby. He accused the ex-wife for having an affair with other man but later the wife came clean on a dirty little secret – before she met him, she had gone under the knife for about $ US100,000 worth of plastic surgeries in Korea.

Later the story was declared to be fake but its still really interesting and its good conversation starter for sure. Korean plastic surgery is a subject which always brings up loads of opinions and different views.

Korean girls are enjoying the quickly growing popularity among the guys from all around the world. No wonder about that, K-pop is one of the biggest reasons for that. It is making its way to the top lists on youtube while at the same time boosting the image of beautiful Korean ladies.

Google search results are full of articles giving advice how to date Korean girls and how to deal with the Korean culture. It seems to be a popular topic. “where I can meet Korean girls?” “how to ask Korean girl out” and so on. Guys seem to be really excited about the exotic Korean girls. Many of the guys are even traveling to Korea in a hope of finding their soulmate there.



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How about a little of mid games: what if you would be dating one by yourself? Dating Korean girl who has gone through plastic surgery without you knowing it. How about that? That surely is a tricky scenario to think about.

Its all fine until you have been dating so long that you are starting a family together. A while after the baby is born you start to wonder why the baby does not look even a bit like you or the mother. Guess she has to come clean at this point. Or she gotta have some genius explanation to share with you.

Even tho if you would know that your girl has gone through Korean plastic surgery, that is still a tricky question to have babies. For sure its all about love but imagine all that explaining you have to do. Especially for your kids.

Always, remember to ask for the girls old photos.

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