Han Chae-Young Before And After Plastic Surgery

Kim Ji-young, is a famous Korean actress who is better known by her stage name Han Chae-Young. She is born on September 13th, 1980 in Daegu.


Even though Han Chae-Young did look really beautiful when she was younger, now she have had few plastic surgery operations done on her. She has actually admitted to the media that she had undergone double eyelid surgery.

Also Han Chae-Young seems to have a bit smaller nose in her older photos when comparing those to the newer photos. But it is hard to say whether it is true or not if she had nose job done.

But what is most obvious of her new looks is the Han Chae-Young’s breast implants. The size of her breasts has increased significantly, so there is no doubt if she got a breast implants or not.


Check out the before and after photos below to compare the difference.24 han-chae-young Han_Chae-Young-korean

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