Growing trend in Korea – pubic hair transplant

While western women might complain about the time and effort spent on grooming the lady parts, the Korean women might be stressing not having enough hair down there.

Some Korean women are actually getting hair transplanted from their heads onto their lady parts to archive more feminine looks and feel more like a woman.

Actually one clinic in Seoul which is specialized into pubic hair transplant said that around 75% of the women who do the operation feel like they are inferior to other females. That is a bit surprising. They do not do the pubic hair transplant for men, most do it to feel more feminine when being around other females.

In Korea they even have a disorder called ‘“pubic hypotrichosis”. It might sound weird for some, but it is one of those disorders which is more common in Asian women than in women of other ancestry. Rough estimates say that 10% of Korean ladies have it.

Basically pubic hypotrichosis is insufficiency of pubes.

For most western woman, that kind of disorder would be blessing. It would make the grooming way more easier and less time wasting.

However, it is reported that most of Korean females having the disorder might suffer from low self-esteem and stress in addition to the aesthetic problem.

Earlier this disorder was treated with hormonal drug therapy, but these days its getting more common to have the hair transplantation done down there instead of any kind of hormonal drug therapy.

The great thing about the pubic transplant is the ability to choose the desired shape. No need to get a messy bush, most of the females choose to have triangle or shield shaped style. Almost 90% of the women choose to have either of these 2 styles.

Pubic hair transplant costs anything between 1000 and 2000usd, so it is definitely not a cheap procedure to undergo.

Interesting topic, actually one of the first hair transplants ever done was with pubic hair. In Japan. This article might also give you an answer to the question many people have been thinking about: why don’t Asian ladies shave their pubes? It is simply because pubic hair is seen as a really strong feminine feature all over the Asia. In Asia, pubes are seen as a sign of adulthood, sexual health and fertility.

Currently the pubic hair transplanting is a growing trend. It is definitely nothing new, but its growing with increasing speed. We will be waiting to see how to future will be. Western media, and well actually the whole internet in general is full of grooming tips for female, it is really openly discussed all over spreading the word slowly towards Asian ladies. Maybe the pubic hair transplanting will stay as a growing trend or maybe the shaving scene will take over in a couple of years, time will show.

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