Gangnam beauty belt

Gangnam disctrict, which became really famous after PSY released his youtube hit ”Gangnam style” It is widely known around the world. Pretty much everyone can recognize that. It is the most watched video in youtube with over 2 billion views.

The other reason why Gangnam district is getting really famous is because of the so called ”beauty belt”

This area is known as a place for rich people to live in, luxury shopping and its also been called as a fashion capital of Seoul. Just like how Milan is the fashion capital of Italy.

There is more than 600 plastic surgery clinics located in Gangnam beauty belt, which makes it probably one of the only places on a planet earth where you can lay your eyes on such an incredible scene.

Walking down the streets around beauty belt, you can spot women having bandages around their noses, eyes or even jaws. They have just gotten their surgeries done and are starting their healing process. This is really common sight in the beauty belt area.

The thing what is not so well known for outer world about Gangnam is Apgujeong, area which is located in the soul of the Gangnam. This is actually heart of the plastic surgery scene and the belt itself. Just only in this area you can spot more than 200 clinics. Thats a lot keeping in mind that the total area of Apgujeong is just 0.98 square miles. Over there, it is nothing special to see 10 clinics located on a single street.

The whole beauty scene is huge around Gangnam, besides all the plastic surgery clinics, its also full of dermatology-, cosmetology-, and pretty much all kind of clinics related to beauty. So, its no wonder what are the origins behind ”the beauty belt” nickname.

You basically cant go anywhere in Gangnam without seeing loads of plastic surgery clinics and huge advertisements promoting them. Its so faschinating and disturbing at the same time, the amount of advertisements is really huge. Beauty belt is a real deal.

Apgujeaong, and whole Gangnam in general is making its way through of being the symbol of Korea’s beauty industry. And its doing so at increasing speed.

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