DJ Soda Plastic Surgery Rumors

Lately a Korean lady DJ, “DJ Soda” Have gathered lots of attention online especially after her new thang dancing videos went viral on youtube.
The real name of DJ Soda was first a mystery, but now it’s known that her real name is Hwang Sohee. Or 黄素熙 in Hangul.

Now many people started claiming DJ Soda had gone through a plastic surgery operations, while her fans still standing beside her with the humble opinion of no plastic surgery.

We got our hands to a high school photo of  DJ Soda. Well, from the old photo like that it’s pretty hard to say a thing. Especially when it seems that she had a bit more weight on her at that time. It is clear she lost her cheeks since high school, but that is just a normal thing when one is growing up, it’s not a good indicator of a plastic surgery at all.11350474_661615163972570_4286754749904329544_n

One thing what is pretty clear at least is that DJ Soda wasn’t born with natural double eyelids, it’s pretty obvious that DJ Soda has done some work on her eyelids but well, people, especially in Korea consider double eyelid surgery as a normal thing to do for those who did not naturally have it. Girls think having double eyelid surgery is not much different than one using a makeup.


Her nose looks really natural so we do not suspect a rhinoplasty atleast. Though it is much better to leave the judging if DJ Soda had plastic surgery or not to everyones own decision. It is all just rumors about the plastic surgery as long as she will confirm or deny it.

Anyway, here is one of the many videos which make DJ Soda to get more popularity online:

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