Did Sistar’s Bora Have Plastic Surgery?


Yoon Bo-ra who is better known just simply as Bora, is Korean singer most well known as a member of Korean girl group sistar and the sub group sistar19.

She was born in January 30th, 1990 in Seoul, Korea.

Earlier Bora has been asked if she have had plastic surgery. What was her answer? “It’s not that I haven’t considered it. But they told me not to get it”, while laughing. Bora told the interviewer how she went to the plastic surgeon to get double eyelid surgery. Plastic surgeons answer was simply “your eyes are more attractive without it and I don’t suggest you to get the double eyelid surgery” Bora said she faced the same thing when asking to get a nose job the answer was same, surgeon didn’t recommend her to get it done.

We here at koreanplasticsurgeries.com took a look at her pre-debut pics and compared them with latest photos of her. First we thought she would have gotten double eyelid surgery, but actually the eyelid crease Bora has, have been there since her childhood. It really seems like Bora is a natural beauty without any plastic surgery.

Plus everything else on her face looks just the same as in her childhood. Of course there is small changes but puberty and aging changes persons look quite a bit. There is not any real traces of plastic surgery at all. We even found a pre-debut video of Bora dancing before she made out into the fame in sistar. (check out the video at the end of the post) Everything in the video about her looks just the same as now. So its highly sure she haven’t done any plastic surgery based on all the evidence available.

The only thing we could find changed in Bora is her teeth. She probably had few veneers to perfect out her already nice looking smile.

Check out the before and after photos below:











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