Did AOA’s Seolhyun Have Plastic Surgery?


Did Seolhyun from a girl group AOA get plastic surgery? That’s been quite a popular question lately within the K-pop fans. Many heated up arguments around online forums all over the net if Seolhyun did it or not.

Even though there are a lot of the rumors about the surgery, its not sure if Seolhyun have had any surgery. If she have, the new look is not so big chance compared to the old face that it would be easy to notice. Since people can not control their aging process, all the changes in her looks might be just because of aging. We have to keep in mind that Seolhyun is born in 1995 so she is at that age where the looks still change quite a bit. Plus different make up styles can change persons looks quite a bit.



seolhyun plastic surgery

Whats our conclusion? Did Seolhyun go under the knife or not?

Well, it seems that Seolhyun did not have any plastic surgery done on her. What we know for sure is that she (atleast used to) wear a butt-pad to lift her butt and make it look bigger. That’s still not considered as a plastic surgery though.

Plastic surgery has become pretty normal in Korea, especially among the celebrities. So logically this is causing many people in entertainment industry, especially K-pop idols, to come under the scrutiny of suspected plastic surgery. However, it is important to note that not everyone have gone under the knife and are indeed  natural Korean beauties instead.

And for those who haven’t seen yet, we also have a photos of Seolhyun wearing a butt pad.



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