Cosmetic surgery prices in Seoul

Earlier we have declared quite a many times that the plastic surgery costs over in Korea are way more cheaper than back in the states. But how much the prices actually are?

We have gathered a small list of most popular surgeries and average costs of those for your convenience.

Keep in mind that these are just average prices, giving you some idea how much the prices are. The prices vary a lot depending which clinic you choose. As we know there is too many clinics to choose from and its not even easy task for the Koreans to choose where they wanna get their plastic surgery done.

Also if you combine some of the procedures, it might decrease the total price since the operating time and anesthesia time is much shorter than if you would get those procedures separately. After all you are paying for the time spent in operating room and the time spent on anesthesia. Shorter time, smaller bill. Also some clinics will be happy to give you a discount if you get more than 1 procedure done.


Eyelids US$1000-2000

Eyebrow lift US$1000-1500

Wrinkle removal around eyes US$500

Face and neck liposuction US$1500

Adbomen liposuction US$1500-4000

Thighs liposuction US$1500-3000

Arms liposuction US$2000

Nose job US$4000

Nostril reduction US$1000

Facelift US$2500-4000

Breast augmentation US$6000

Breast reduction US$8000

Botox injection per area US$350

Hair transplantation US$5000-6000

Laser hair removal 5 treatments US$50-500

Laser skin therapy US$4000-8500

Facial contouring US$5000-7000

Advanced facial contouring US$8000-35000

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