Combine Vacation And Plastic Surgery In Korea


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Thinking about having a plastic surgery with highly skilled surgeons? Or should you spend the hard earned money on a long waited vacation instead? Thats really a tough task to choose between a plastic surgery and vacation. Everyone loves vacation, but you would still like to get your cosmetic surgery done. But what if you could choose both? Combine plastic surgery and vacation in one package.

If you are having even a bit interest in Korean culture, Korean food, Koreans, or just in the Korea itself, you could have your vacation and plastic surgery procedures done over in Seoul, Korea for a fairly attractive price.

There are many direct flights available from the America to Seoul, Korea. As an example, the flight from New York to Seoul would take around 14 hours. Thats quite a long flight but well worth it.

Korean air regularly runs nice promotions on flights to Seoul. If you want to be adventurous and save some money, you can even book a flight with a stopover. Normally the flights with stopover are cheap compared to direct flights but will take a lot longer time to reach the destination. That can have big affect on the plans if you are having only a short vacation. Being tight on money or having long vacation is a good reason to get flights with stopover. Those saved money can be used for some extra plastic surgery or cosmetic operation when you will reach Seoul in Korea. Teeth whitening, laser treatment for scars, you name it! Seoul has really attractive plastic surgery prices compared to prices back in America.

The current economy is forcing the oil prices to go down which can be directly seen as cheaper flight tickets. You can get a round trip ticket to Seoul for a really affordable price. Just remember to be early bird since you will most likely get most bang for the buck when booking early enough.

The price tags on cosmetic surgeries in Korea are really attractive. You could buy flights to Korea, have some money for shopping and sightseeing and relaxing for a week, two or even for three weeks! Its all about you and your plans how long vacation you are after for. Plus you would get your cosmetic surgery done by a highly skilled doctor. Then fly back home after well spent vacation with fully new yourself. All this for the same price as you would get the same operation done back in America. With this method you could get yourself a “free” vacation in Korea. Sounds like a awesome way to spend vacation.

As an example, rhinoplasty in America lightens your bank account roughly $US10,000-12,000 dollars.

In Korea, rhinoplasty is just about $US4000-6000 dollars, which makes it roughly 50% cheaper. If you’re planning up on a rhinoplasty and you would head over Korea to do it, that would mean $US6000-8000 dollar savings which you could use on traveling the country and shopping, enjoying the vacation at the fullest.

In general you can expect that any surgery in Korea is around 50% cheaper compared to the price tag you can find in plastic surgery clinics in America.

If you are planning on having any kind of facial bone operation, you should definitely have it done in Korea. Facial bone surgeries do require loads of knowledge, experience and skills. It is actually a hard job finding a skilled doctor specialized in facial bone surgery anywhere outside the Korea, unless you are ready to pay fortunes for that.

They got the skill in Korea and one of the most skillful facial bone surgeons in the world can be found in Seoul, there is literally hundreds of Korean surgeons specialized in facial bone surgeries.

Do a Google search of reputable clinics in Seoul with good reviews. Clinics should also have their price lists on their websites. Or you could just send them email and ask directly. It’s always good to compare the prices and the clinics. Remember to tell them how long your vacation is gonna last so they can serve you better. Do your research!

Sounds like a one really good deal, right? Dont forget to try eating kimchi when finally touching down the Korea.


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